College Credit and Placement Exams

Life is a series of tests, both on paper and otherwise. When you make the transition from your high school curriculum to a college course load, you must determine the appropriate plan of study for your academic needs.

Investigate Advanced Placement Courses during junior and senior years. Your high school might offer AP courses in various subjects that will allow you to take college-level courses and exams and to earn college credit or placement. At the end of the course of study, you will take an exam that will determine your placement. Many colleges grant credit for qualifying grades on AP exams. Find out more information from your school counselor.

Prepare for college placement exams. Most colleges use placement exam scores in English and mathematics to ensure that students enroll in classes that present the right levels of challenge and support. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by educating yourself on the tests required to further your education. Visit the Web sites and consult the brochures of the schools of interest to determine what tests are required prior to enrollment.

Ready to try out some placement exams for practice? Visit these Web sites to test your college readiness.