Ohio Graduation Requirements

To earn an Ohio diploma, you must meet curriculum and testing requirements. Use these checklists to set your personal goals towards meeting these two diploma requirements.

Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum Requirements, State Minimum, Additional Local Credits Credits, Credits Earned to Date, Credits Remaining Honors Diploma Credits
English language arts (4 units)  
Health (1/2 unit )  
Mathematics (3 units )  
Physical education (1/2 unit )  
Science (3 units* )  
Social studies (3 units** )  
Electives (6 units*** )  

* Science units must include 1 unit of biological sciences and 1 unit of physical sciences. ** Social Studies units must include ½ unit of American history and ½ unit of American government. *** Electives units must include 1 unit or 2 half units in business/technology, fine arts, or foreign language.

Your high school may have additional requirements.