Mapping the Future

Passing the OGT is just one step toward the future.

It’s important to continue to work hard in high school.

POLL: If you were able to repeat high school, would you have worked harder and applied yourself more?

Source: Achieve, Inc./Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc.

Taking challenging courses prepares you for higher-paid, professional careers.

84% of those who hold the highest paid professional jobs took challenging courses like Algebra II or higher as their last high school math course.

Source: Achieve, Inc./Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc.

Continuing Education

Education beyond a high school diploma is critical for increased income and career opportunities. If you don’t already have a plan for next year, it’s time to start considering your options and making decisions. There are many great reasons to continue your education. Talk to your parents, teachers and guidance counselors about what makes sense for you.

NOTES: Unemployment and earnings for workers aged 25 and older, by educational attainment. Earnings for full-time wage and salary workers. SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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